Academic Conference on “Emotion and Value” Hosted by Nankai University
Publisher:林建武  Date:2017-09-11   Views:71


On the 24th and 25th of June, the Faculty of Philosophy of Nankai University hosted an academic conference on “Emotion and Value”. Scholars from various universities attended and discussed some important issues in ethical theory. Professor Wu Zengding talked about the possibility of interpreting Nietzsche from the perspective of phenomenology, argued that while Nietzsche’s philosophy was strikingly similar to phenomenology in three aspects, they were still quite different in some other aspects. Dr. Hao Yichun discussed the philosophical thought of Lotze. Dr. Gong Rui and Professor Wang Jianjun discussed the ideas of obligation, emotion and moral value in Kant’s ethics. Dr. Cai Wenqjing analysed the idea of intention in Levinas. Dr. Chen Yong emphasised the significance of Heidegger in the background of the crisis of humanism. Dr. Liu Ni discussed the idea of consciousness in Mencius. Dr. Ma Yinghui compared the theories of Husserl and Lacan. Dr. Hu Xingming discussed the problem of faultless disagreement. Dr. Lin Jianwu gave a presentation on the moral psychology of Levinas. Dr. Zhong Hanchuan gave a speech on the comparison between Sartre and Husserl on emotion as the origin of the normativity of values.